Strategic Plan

Congregation Beth Israel’s Values

Kehillah –Building community

Kedushah – Enriching spirituality

Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world

Torah Lishmah – Lifelong learning

Brit Olam – Perpetuating Jewish Life

The strategic plan builds on the mission of CBI, and articulates the values and goals that support our mission. It identifies the priorities and initiatives and the roadmap to help us achieve our goals. Many of our congregants have been involved in one or more phases of this process and now is the chance to see what the finished plan includes. Our plan has 5 strategic goals and 4 support goals.

The strategic goals, the goals that are guided by our mission and values, are:

1. Enhance our CBI community: Provide a welcoming and engaging community for our current and potential members from our youngest babies to our elders.

2. Enhance worship: Provide a meaningful and engaging spiritual home for everyone.

3. Enhance education: Provide outstanding learning opportunities, classes and educational events throughout the Jewish lifecycle.

4. Enhance loving kindness: Provide support and care for our members, celebrating successes and milestones, and being there for each other in times of sickness, trouble and transition.

5. Enhance our involvement in the larger community: Create and strengthen meaningful connections between CBI and other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations in Austin and beyond.

Several additional areas of focus for CBI “cut across” multiple goals. They support achievement of the goals and the sustainability of the organization, as well as being key to successful implementation of the Strategic Plan.

We call these the “Support Goals”:

1. Strengthen our Communications: Expand the use of effective communication platforms, including social media, calendaring, and web-presence.

2. Strengthen our Facilities: Maintain, repair and improve our building and grounds.

3. Strengthen our Organization and Leadership: Ensure CBI has well-trained and highly motivated lay leaders who work in partnership with well-supported and continuously-developing clergy and staff.

4. Strengthen our Financial Foundation: Responsibly grow and manage the financial resources of CBI.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Strategic Planning Process

Steering Committee:

Keri Pearlson, Chair
Carly Cera, Randy Cohen, Shelli Miller, Sheila Rosenfield, Adam Sadovsky, Mike Seay, Brian Turner, Harold Wilensky
Rabbi Steve Folberg, Rabbi Sam Rose, Jennifer Smith
Marcia Grossfeld, URJ Consultant