Mishkan Hanefesh

Help CBI Purchase New High Holy Day Machzorim for 5777!    

Mishkan Hanefesh is a two volume set, consisting of one book for Rosh Hashanah and a second for Yom Kippur. It abounds in beautiful and thought provoking prayers, poetry and commentary. It is such an exciting departure from Gates Of Repentance that the Congregation Beth Israel Worship Committee is deep into exploring how to use this new Reform mahzor next fall.

Thanks to our generous benefactors and the congregation’s donations, we have purchased the books and they are on the way!  There are still opportunities to donate to have bookplates honoring or memorializing family put into the books.

Would you like to purchase one (or more!) sets of Mishkan Hanefesh for CBI? We are making it easy for you to do so. This link takes you to a Mishkan Hanefesh order form! Feel free to email Jennifer Smith in the Temple Office if you have any questions about the form or the ordering process. Thank you!