Rabbi Kelly Levy’s Installation

November 29 – December 1

Rabbi Mary Zamore
Rabbi Kelly Levy



Special Guest, Rabbi Mary L. Zamore,
Executive Director of the Women’s Rabbinic Network


Schedule of Events

Thursday, Nov 29, 7:30pm

Rabbi Zamore will speak at the JCC on the topic of 
Money and Judaism: Foundational Teachings
Our sacred texts have much to say about the Jewish view of wealth, including is money innately evil, how much our wealth is due to our own merit opposed to being gifts from God, are our possession truly our own or God’s, what is the meaning of income disparity, what constitutes need or poverty, what is the Jewish view of greed, what is contentment. Together we will explore the seminal texts that inform the Jewish understanding of how we related not only to money, but also to each other.

Friday, Nov 30, 7:30pm

Erev Shabbat service celebrating the installation of Kelly Levy as CBI’s new Associate Rabbi. Rabbi Zamore will deliver the sermon.

Saturday, Dec 1, 9:00am

Torah Study led by Rabbi Zamore. Her topic will be, “Gelt: Torah Study in Three Parts, examining currency, chocolate, and Jewish values.” Shabbat morning service follows.

Saturday, Dec 1, 6:00pm “Tacos & Tequila” celebration in honor of Rabbi Levy. Reservations required. RSVP here.