2017-18 Nominating Slate


President                                            Ben Jansen

President-Elect                                  Melissa Pepper

Vice President                                   Mickey D’Armi

Vice President                                   Fabianna Laby

Vice President                                   Laura Corman

Vice President of Finance                   Jennifer Failla

Secretary                                            Annette Mass


Trustee                                               Bryan Weil

Trustee                                               Julie Lass*

Trustee                                               Michael Holland

Trustee                                               Randy Lisch

Trustee                                               Marcia Rachofsky*

                                                            Dawn Forman*

Immediate Past President                     Mike Seay


These are positions that are appointed by the auxiliary and are not voted on

Sisterhood                                         Ruth Siegel

Brotherhood                                      Rob Rosner

Youth                                               Rotating ATT Board Members

Child Development Center                  Josh Bernstein



*With the transition into the new board structure, we are retaining the positions of those who have only one year left on their services.  Therefore, there will be one extra trustee for the 2017-2018 year.