Madrichim are Teaching Assistants and/or Program Assistants to our Sunday School classes. We hire high school students to help make our school safer and more fun. A “Madrich” or a “Madrichah” is literally a “guide.” Our students love having “big brothers” or “big sisters” to make their Sundays more fun and more haimish (homey). Our teachers love the opportunity to divide classes into smaller groups for study and play with Madrichim as guides or leaders. Many of our teens enjoy working as madrichim in order to gain work experience.

When our students work regularly as madrichim with our staff, then our educator and teaching team are better able to write recommendations for college, positions at URJ Greene Family Camp and NFTY trips, and/or other jobs.

Many of our teens work as madrichim to earn communal service hours. At the end of each academic year, Sarah Avner provides madrichim with a letter to submit to your school or another organization in order to verify your communal service hours. Some of our madrichim prefer to receive payment for their work each Sunday. Madrichim will be paid at the end of each semester.