Interfaith Hospitality Network

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) at CBI has a volunteer opportunity for YOU!

Looking for a way to get involved? Our committed group of fabulous IHN volunteers invites you to join us! What is IHN? IHN is a network of religious congregations that provide food and shelter to meet the immediate needs of families in crisis.

What does that mean? Four times a year, our congregation – the only Jewish congregation in town – opens our facilities to homeless families with children. Each time we “host” the families, we may have up to four families as guests. Each hosting period lasts one week. During that week, our guests sleep in 4 rooms on the 3rd floor of our Education Building. They shower in the clergy suite and eat dinners in Smith Auditorium. Our guests join us at approximately 5:30 p.m. Sunday – Friday, and leave around 7 a.m. in the morning. During the day, children are at school or day care, and parents are either working or elsewhere.

Every moment our guests are on our facilities, we have volunteers hosting. What do our volunteers do:

    • help set up 4 “bedrooms” for our guests
    • bring food for the families to use for breakfast, lunch, and snacks
    • cook food for the families evening dinner
    • spend the night at the congregation to host overnight!
    • help serve and clean-up meals
    • drive a trailer to and from our congregation
    • help clean-up after our families leave
    • hang out with the families on the weekends
    • entertain the children by bringing crafts, other activities, dogs, or their own children
    • and more

For a successful hosting, we need about 45+ people to volunteer! Please consider joining us. You can spend more time with other volunteers or share your caring with our guests. We are a diverse group of volunteers who are

    • retired or working or looking
    • single or married, looking or not looking
    • female or male
    • CBI members or former members and even some members of other congregations
    • young and older
    • warm and wonderful
    • wanting to help

IHN at CBI is fortunate to have such wonderful support from the CBI clergy, staff, and members.

To ask questions or get involved: contact Sam and Ava Spetalnick. For more information about Family Promise, the national effort that offers comprehensive and integrated programs to assist low-income families, see To learn more about the local administration of IHN, visit the web-site of Foundation for the Homeless (