Hebrew School

Hebrew learning has always been an important part of Jewish life. Many of our students originally enter Hebrew classes in order to prepare to become b’nei mitzvah. However, our congregation has been proud to discover a growing interest in Hebrew language acquisition among our students for additional reasons. Our Hebrew students become more interested in participating in weekly tefillah (“prayer” or “worship services”) as they learn more and more Hebrew. Beth Israel parents often are pleased and surprised to discover how readily their children chant and sing prayers during Shabbat services, though they may be years away from ascending the bima to become bar or bat mitzvah.

We are blessed to welcome a variety of wonderful Hebrew teachers to our school. Israeli teachers help our students understand that the Hebrew language is more than just a language for prayer. Our American teachers help our students understand that Hebrew lessons don’t conclude with b’nei mitzvah.

At Congregation Beth Israel, we focus on liturgical Hebrew, the Hebrew language used in prayer. Our Hebrew students learn Hebrew letters, vowels, words, and phrases from our liturgy. Throughout their studies, students become more comfortable with the language of prayer. Our students have recently expressed interest in learning more conversational Hebrew. Our students enjoy learning a few useful modern Hebrew words and phrases during Hebrew lessons. 

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Alef Class

Bet Class

Gimmel Class

Dalet Class