At Times of Loss, CBI is Here for Its Members

One of the benefits of belonging to a sacred community like Congregation Beth Israel is the opportunity to purchase plots within CBI’s cemeteries at a substantially reduced rate. If you would like further information regarding how CBI can support you if a family member passes away, or should this be pending, please look for more information on our Chevra Kadisha page.

The Cemetery Committee arranges and manages perpetual care of the Congregation’s cemeteries, maintains funeral home relationships, makes burial plot ownership available to the Jewish community at the time-of-need or pre-need, and provides funeral planning information upon request. At this time, burial plots Cemetery 3 in Pflugerville are $900 for CBI members and $2,900 for non members. For general information, please contact Phil Baum at (512) 917-7987. For cemetery plot information, please contact Jeff Reichman at 512-653-5333.

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