Our History

The rich tradition of Congregation Beth Israel began in September 1876, when a group of pioneer Jews met in the mayor’s office of the City of Austin to organize Congregation Beth Israel.  Chartered by the State of Texas in 1879, the congregation built its first house of worship in 1884 on the corner of 11th and San Jacinto streets in the heart of downtown Austin. 

San Jacinto Street location 1884-1957

The congregation moved to the Shoal Creek Property (then Seiders Avenue) in 1957.  Read more about how CBI changed and grew through the years in the attached articles.  Peruse through the photographs that we have of the different historical events (including confirmation over the years).  Read the bulletins from the 1950s. 

CBI Sanctuary (Outside)

If your family has any archival materials that you would like to see on the website or would like to help collect archival materials, please contact Cathy Campbell.

A Brief History of CBI

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