In Grades 6-10, our students attend from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM on Sundays from September through May. 

‘Second session’ provides an engaging and inspiring opportunity for students to build relationships with their Jewish peers.  These peer relationships form a critical support network, based on Jewish values, for our students as they enter into their teen years.  Sixth and seventh grade are taught by well-loved teachers that have a special knack for working with this age group, and eighth - tenth grades are taught by rabbis and teachers, respectively.  Our teachers and rabbis become important role-models and mentors for our teens as they begin to look to other adults outside their immediate families for support and guidance.  

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Sixth/Seventh grade Mitzvot and Middot 

This year, we are pleased to pilot a new program for sixth and seventh graders as a combined two-year class.  Sixth and seventh graders will have class time focused around the topic of Mitzvot.  Through interactive, camp-style learning taught by master middle-school educators, students will explore how they can contribute to the world by doing both ethical and ritual mitzvot.  Topics include Gender and Ritual Garb, Leadership Values and the Election, and Cooking for the Interfaith Housing Network.  Students will also experience several sessions of electives.  

This year's electives are: Midrash Manicures, Building the Tabernacle, and Great Debates in Judaism.  

Each class, students participate in their own tefila (prayer) service, led by Cantorial Soloist Sarah Avner.  In a safe and welcoming atmosphere, students practice their prayer leadership and explore spiritual concepts significant for their developmental stage.

Three times during the year, parents will attend class with their sixth/seventh grader, for special sessions focused on parent-teen communication around important topics such as the Meaning of Torah, and Teens and Stress.   

Students have snack and social time, as well as some program time, with our 8-10th graders, enabling them to see the next steps in their Jewish education.  


Eighth through Tenth Grade

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Confirmation (10th)

Teaching Confirmation is one of Rabbi Folberg's favorite parts of being a rabbi. He treasures the time he gets to spend with our students, and our tenth graders get a chance to know their senior Rabbi. Rabbi Folberg loves hearing their questions, discussing Judaism's answers, and, of course, bringing snacks to share. This year, Confirmation will be held on Sundays from 11:30am-1:30pm. 

Confirmation will be celebrated Saturday, May 27, 2017. Confirmands are encouraged to invite friends, teachers, relatives, and neighbors to join in this special day, shared with pride by our entire CBI community!