Monthly Jewish Mindfulness Practice Group
Thursdays 12-1:15pm
Fall dates to be announced soon

Intended for those who already have a meditation or other, regular mindfulness practice, this monthly check-in group will offer community, support and shared Jewish mindfulness teaching to help support those practices. Members of last year’s Jewish Mindfulness Class, regular attendees at the Weekday Meditation Service and participants in our Thursday Night Meditation Group are all welcome and eligible to attend. Other interested individuals should contact Rabbi Folberg directly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Awake, Loving & Present: A Jewish Mindfulness Workshop
Tuesdays 12-1:30pm, Fall dates to be announced soon

Kindness, awareness, and intention: Judaism offers many teachings and practices to help us live our lives with greater authenticity and wisdom. Rabbi Folberg is delighted to be offering this 8 session, lunch hour class, incorporating text study, meditation practice and individual work outside of class. No prerequisites, but participants are asked to commit to all 8 sessions prior to registering. 


Doing Jewish 101 

Fall dates to be announced soon

Calling all beginners!  A series for those who would like to become comfortable doing foundational Jewish rituals - because they became Jewish later in life, because they grew up Jewish but not doing rituals, or for any other reason.  Come to any one class, or all of them!  Join our rabbis, teachers, and Sisterhood members in hands-on basic practice of rituals and traditions.  


 Jewish Bedtime Rituals
Shabbat Dinner
 Torah Study at home, with scholar-in-residence Matt Bar of Bible Raps
 Gratitude for Food
 Shabbat Dinner



All events will take place at Congregation Beth Israel and are open to the greater Austin community.