Dear Fellow Congregants,

With the utmost excitement, I would like to introduce the Hear @ CBI campaign to our Temple Community. This is the start of something big, and I can’t wait to begin the journey together!

Hear @ CBI is a multi-tiered listening campaign which will strengthen our physical and spiritual spaces, improve congregational life, and strengthen our community as a whole. The success of this initiative relies on your voice to shape the future of Congregation Beth Israel. The Hear @ CBI listening campaign is focused on these questions:

  • What is important to you?
  • What are we doing well?
  • What can we do to improve?
  • Who are we as a community?

Your participation in the Hear @ CBI listening campaign will allow us to learn about your priorities, and will give you a significant impact on the future of CBI!

 The campaign will be broken in to the following three initiatives:


The first portion of this campaign will begin immediately, and run through the end of March. We’ll be asking questions that will allow you, as a congregant, to share what is most important to you and your family. The Board of Directors and Listening Campaign committee members will make themselves available to speak with you, and are eager to hear your thoughts. In addition, you can contact us online, so that you can voice your opinions and ideas for our congregation. Whether you choose to have a conversation or fill out the form, your voice is of paramount importance to the success of Beth Israel. Please take the occasion to speak up!


Beginning in April, there will be a month-long series of town hall meetings, small group get togethers, and opportunities during congregational events to continue the conversations initiated in the Respect phase. As we prepare to renew our commitment to the future of CBI, we will look for the commonalities and shared aspirations that bring us together. Gathering this information will give us the ability to move forward, unified in our goals, strengthening and solidifying our collective understanding of how to make CBI the best it can be.


The final phase of the listening campaign will take several months, during which time  the Board of Trustees and the HEAR @ CBI’s committee members will plan and implement what we have learned about our members’ desires, and our understanding of the needs of our congregation. Committed to our community, we will come together and mold our future!

Launching a meaningful listening campaign has long been a goal of mine. Many thanks to the Board of Directors, Temple staff, and clergy for their support as we get Hear @ CBI off the ground. It is my hope that you will take this opportunity to have an impact on the future of Congregation Beth Israel, and enrich our ability to serve our community. I look forward to hearing your voice, and starting this new chapter of growth together!


Ben Jansen
President, Congregation Beth Israel

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